I don’t know about you but I wake up on Monday and know that I’ll be at my desk putting out fires and then at some point having to put my “man pants on and be the “CEO”.

Many of us work in masculine industries or the gender-neutral tech space, where it’s easy to forget about being a girl. Whether we choose to or not, we have to “wear the pants” – but do we have to wear pants while doing it?

Ladies, it’s time to reclaim our femininity with #DressMonday.

Wouldn’t you like to start every week feeling pretty and polished?

Dress for the Date is launching #DressMonday so that us girls can feel like girls again.

Every week, if you are like me you’re navigating through a man’s world .You battle illnesses, survive breakups, help friends move and kill bugs in the kitchen and send out way too many emails with the header saying “Following Up”.

You handle life’s struggles with a woman’s strength. But all too often, instead of feeling powerful and feminine, you feel… Flat. Exhausted. Worn out.

Dress for the Date is creating #DressMonday as a new antidote for you to feel like a woman again in today’s fast past modern world.

It’s simple. Wear a dress on Monday.

Start the week off in a pretty dress that makes you feel good about yourself – and makes you feel like a woman. Whether your style is flouncy and full or sleek and sophisticated, wearing a dress on Monday is a positive way to begin the week, #DressMonday may feel so good that wearing a dress even spills over into Tuesday and Wednesday.

Let’s do this! Tell your friends about the idea, and post your pics on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with the hashtag #DressMonday. Oh yeah, and fellas, you can wear a dress too and join in the celebration of femininity.

To be feminine is to be powerful and strong – we all know this. Being a woman is something to take pride in, and to showcase to the world. You can start each week with #DressMonday!


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